The Hackathon

Into The Speckleverse

Welcome to our very first hackathon!

Over three days teams from all over the world will get together virtually and hack something cool with Speckle.

What is Speckle?

Speckle is the platform for 3D data.

Speckle makes 3D data accessible to anyone with a browser, and lets designers collaboratively share their creations from the comfort zone of their favorite software. Developers and analysts leverage Speckle's APIs to build powerful automation pipelines and web applications. Being fully open source, entire organizations rely on Speckle as the base for their digital workflows. Speckle is fully extensible and customizable, vendor agnostic, and meets the most stringent data residency requirements.

Want to learn more about Speckle? Check out our website.

How it works

This is a virtual event, and so we will be all working from the comfort of our offices or homes. After you register you will be invited to a private Discord server where all the magic will happen! When the event closes you'll be asked to submit your work, and after that our judges will get together to review it.

Winners For the First Official Speckle Hackathon

Winner of the Hackathon! : Speckle Dir Stat

Best Hack in terms of Creativity and "Wow Factor" : Speckly the bot

Best Use of Data Exchange: Rimshot

Biggest Impact on a Social Problem : S.A.M.B.A. - Speckle as Material Bank App


Here are the rest of the Project Submissions of 2022 for the first Official Speckle Hackathon

  • Gamify Design
  • Minecraft building visualizer
  • New York State - Best Neighbourhood Finder
  • Defect and Clash Detection Dashboard
  • Parameter Panther - A tool to update Revit parameters from your browser
  • Skipper
  • Speckle Comments Notion Integration
  • Speckle Model Derivative Connector
  • Spectionary
  • Prizes

    Judging Criteria

    Overall Prize

    There will be an overall category that shall be judged based on the following:

  • Technological Implementation

    Design of the hack

    Impact on Speckle Community


    Creativity and Uniqueness

  • Categorical Criteria

    In addition to general prize which every participant will be considered for, the following are categorical prizes and a brief description associated with the criteria

    Best Use of Data Exchange

    This hack deals specifically with the initial problem of Speckle. Speckle was created to facilitate the exchange of data information. Hence why we have many connectors and tools designed for people to have better and more free access to their data information. By having this data, we believe that users are empowered to generate applications that they could not have before. This hack strongly aligns with the vision of Speckle with respect to our interoperability goals and data goals.

    Biggest Impact on a Social Problem

    This hack deals specifically with a real world problem and not necessarily just an architecture, engineering, and construction in particular. This could be an environmental problem, such as carbon tool or a statistical studies with Speckle in household income for urban planning. What we want to see is that the hack is addressing a societal problem and brings positive change to the community.

    Best Hack in terms of Creativity and "Wow Factor"

    This hack should speak out to you and just impress you in terms of "Wow". There might not be a very practical use for this hack but it implements cool technology and is super cool. It is a show piece and might just be a show piece. Think about buzz words like Machine Learning and other maybe block chain. Block chain and NFTs with Speckle might seem weird. But it’s definitely a cool use of Speckle.