What is the Hack about?

This hack is a 3D clone of the popular game Pictionary: One person gets assigned a random word and has to “draw” it (here: 3D model) it. The others have to guess what the assigned word is.

We created a web app where you create a game room. Using the Speckle API, a new stream is created for you that will be used for the game. Other people can join this game room to participate in the game. Whenever the player whose turn it is commits to the stream, the web viewer will show the uploaded 3D model. The updates are monitored via Speckle web hooks.

In addition, we forked the official Speckle Blender connector and added auto-commits. By enabling auto-commits, the progress is committed every 15 seconds so the users can focus on working on their model.

What inspired us for this Hack?

Wanted to create something fun that capitalises what makes Speckle awesome: sharing your work with others, quick feedback, interoperability between platforms.

How was the Hack built? What technology did we use?

FastAPI, React, Websockets, Speckle API + Webhooks, Blender, DigitalOcean

What accomplishments are we most proud of?

Making it quite well rounded in 4 days, and that the game is actually fun.