What is the Hack about?

"Loads in data from a Revit stream and displays the data in both a data table and the 3D viewer The data table is fully customizable including filtering by type, family and element id (and many more features to come) The displayed parameters in the data table can be filtered by drop-down selection allowing a user-friendly viewing experience Allows the user to easily add/modify data in the parameters! Send the data back to Revit through Speckle and update the Revit instance parameters"

What inspired us for this Hack?

"The holy grail for Revit"". Is how some people call a tool like this, because various people want to edit meta data in the Revit model, but don't want to do that in Revit. Think about discipline specific engineers who need to provide parameters, but don't need to modify geometry. Such as fire engineers, who need to provide fire resistance data for walls. Why people don't want to modify the parameters directly in Revit has various reasons, such as: they are not allowed to edit the Revit model directly because it could make the model non-compliant with the BIM standards, don't have access to a copy of Revit, lack of Revit knowledge, Revit can be clunky. Therefore, it would be great to have a web app in which engineers can easily define their parameters and let the Revit modeler receive their parameters and update the Revit model accordingly."

How was the Hack built? What technology did we use?

Vue 2 front-end, speckle-server back-end

What accomplishments are we most proud of?

Building a workflow that fits a large project requirement and has been requested by many Specklers at Arup!