What is the Hack about?

It parses your minecraft savedata and uploads a specific part of it into a speckle stream where you can view it, and show it to others, you can also use this tool to see a timelapse like building states ( commit by commit) or simply for an easy to use web viewer for your buildings. It recreates many of the objects from the minecraft world with the same size ratios like fences, walls, doors, fence doors, water, and of course the simple blocks. We also support many colors which we had to map one by one.

What inspired us for this Hack?

"Minecraft is a game where you can build amazing things from blocks (like a virtual lego) and it's also a very popular game among the youth. And if you want to show your amazing creations to others, you either have to take a picture/video or tell them to buy the game and share your map with them. We wanted to address this problem, by making an easy to use building visualizer."

How was the Hack built? What technology did we use?

For the map parsing we used "amulet" python module. Other than this we used "streamlit" for our UI and standard python modules and of course the amazing speckle modules :P

What accomplishments are we most proud of?

We have achieved an easy to use UI, the workflow is really seamless. And we are very proud of the recreated object models. We recreated many of the unique looking elements in Minecraft for example the fence or the door and they look really good in speckle in our opinion :) And we could figure out a good system for set the color/opacity attributes of the materials of the objects.