What is the Hack about?


A 3D multi-player web based game using Speckle Stream, THREE.js and Socket.IO

1. Load Speckle Stream in THREEjs application for custom web-based game 2. Easily Exchange Contents with urls from Speckle server 3. Socket.io to handle chat function 4. Turn on and off chat mode with button, or press hotkey F2 5. Works on mobile

What inspired us for this Hack?

1. The current “mainstream” Metaverse platforms serve as experimental containers to host the wildest dreams of virtual worlds where we are supposed to unleash the imagination. However, from a spatial design perspective, they have so far been lame and ordinary. Without the constraints in the physical world, how do we draft the urban blueprints in the metaverse? 2. Game based environments create unprecedented opportunity for future users to explore speculative design options and submit their feedback 3. Wave Function Collapse for a quick generation of meaningful spatial configurations 4. Designers can use content generated by any of the CAD/3D applications supported by Speckle as a game asset

How was the Hack built? What technology did we use?

three.js, node.js, socket.io, speckle,Wave Function Collapse plugin for Grasshopper to generate the architectural assets

What accomplishments are we most proud of?

1. Chat feature 2. Multiplayer 3. Creating a playful game environment where users can explore architectural designs 4. Integration with an existing content generation algorithm allowing for a fast, rule based creation of 3D assets - Wave Function Collapse